County at Wembley (Version 3.0), February 2018

I had a brilliant day yesterday in London for the football. We did indeed arrive shortly after midday and were settled in a pub (posh bar/restaurant) by 1pm. The Pregnant Man near Chancery Lane is in the middle of streets dedicated to law firms and barristers, who are no doubt more used and comfortable to the £6.50 pints than I am!

I’m lucky a friend of mine manages the joint and ensured the best hospitality as we awaited more friends to join us. That was achieved by 4pm and as we surrounded a table in the  Sam Smith boozer Cittee of Yorke by the tube station, conversation flowed and nerves turned in to excitement. My pal Jack guilty on more than one occasion belting out AMBER ARMY and UPPA’PART to innocent pubgoers. The 45 minute commute back to Wembley Park was quieter than anticipated and we hurried up Wembley Way to get in to the away section at the other end of the English national stadium.

Three security checks and a £9 pie and pint later we unearthed from the concourse to a half empty stadium, at least looking at the home sections. 
You’ve no doubt seen the game and the score. What would have been if Butler undeservedly mis-kicked in to his own net, although half a dozen saves from Joe Day kept us in the game. At half time and the contest almost conceded we feared the worst. Never one to play as one may expect, Pochettino included, the County were brilliant in the second half limiting Spurs to a dozen chances. They converted zero.

A part of me wishes we really went for it after 75 minutes. I think we had enough control to stick 3 up front and risk losing a third seeking at least a consolation. As my friends rightfully stated we were knackered at this point and still nearly scored with minutes remaining. Home game hero Amond clear through only for Vorm to pull of a good save, his only work of the evening. Maybe he cut the grass afterwards to earn his 50k a week.

I would’ve taken 2-0 before the game and made a point of staying to applaud our efforts. Quite an emotional moment that thankfully didn’t get noticed by a former work colleague who would have no doubt taken the piss. Cheers Alyce!

Now completely sober, slight traffic around the ground wasn’t too much of an issue and I was delivered home at 1:30am. It was particularly nice to stop at the services and see about 6 billion school kids get off, still hyper from an unforgettable experience. Something my generation NEVER got to witness.

Training a group of people in Pontypool  this morning was a tad more strenuous than usual but good feedback was given. I’m now back down the local enjoying a favourable £2.80 beverage before attending the Mayor’s charity quiz night.

We’ve got a big game on Saturday. The fun continues…. or never ends!
Up the County!